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Newborn Photography/Prices

Freeze time

The time when your baby is so small will never come again. Photos are forever though, so let's capture those special moments and freeze time whenever possible.
A newborn photo shoot should always be done as early as possible. Because the younger the baby, the better it can be positioned. At the age of 0-14 days, the little ones are still sleeping very soundly, the best time for a photo shoot. You are welcome to register with me during pregnancy so that I know when I have to keep appointments free. Just get in touch as soon as possible after the birth and we will set the exact date.
Please note that in a newborn shoot you cannot choose the small package with only 30 minutes of time. This is simply far too little time to photograph a baby beautifully. Experience has shown that a newborn shoot lasts over two hours.
Would you like to book a newborn shoot with me? You can find out about the prices here.
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