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Here are the prices for all my standard photo shoots.

Please note that the Small photo shoot cannot be booked for a newborn shoot, as half an hour is simply not enough to photograph a newborn beautifully. Experience has shown that it usually takes more than two hours. However, this does not change the basic fee of €100.

A cleaning fee of €20 applies to the cake smash photo shoot.

For the fine art photo shoots, an extra €50 per person has to be paid for the outfits and the additional work.

Weddings are priced differently and can be found on the Weddings page.

Photoshoot Small

Basic charge

Approximately half an hour of photo shooting time plus an online selection gallery. The price does not include photos.


photo prints

A printed photo measuring 13cmx18cm.

1-19 pieces € 12 each

9€ each from 20 pieces

Photoshoot Large

Basic charge

Up to one and a half hours photo shoot time plus online selection gallery. The price does not include photos.


photo files

A high-resolution photo file as a download link.

1-19 pieces € 24 each

from 20 pieces 20€ each

Pony experience photo shoot

Basic charge

A photo shoot with a rental pony. We take our time. Your child can clean the pony, lead it and sometimes sit on it during the photo shoot. A very special experience for little horse lovers!

The price includes the online selection gallery for the photos, but no photos.


photo print+file

You will receive each selected photo as a 13cmx18cm printout and as a file.

1-19 pieces € 26 each

from 20 pieces € 24 each

All my regular customers get a 15% discount on the basic photo shoot fee!

Every repeat offender counts as a regular customer, i.e. everyone who comes at least twice

I no longer have packages with a fixed obligation to buy a certain number of photos. There is a basic fee for each photo shoot. The photos are not included in this price. The basic fee will be transferred to me before the photo shoot. 

All photos that you want to buy later can be selected from an online gallery. These will then be processed by me and you can later purchase them as a printout, file or both.


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