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Wedding Photos/Prices

So that the most important day of your life is captured for eternity

Your wedding is coming up, for many the most important day in life. Let's create unique memories of this special day together. Here I have listed all standard wedding offers and prices. 
Wedding S - bridal couple shooting with 10 files                300€
expandable with
Documentation wedding ceremony - about 50-100 basic optimized photos  +200€
- Group photos - 10 files                                +150€

Wedding L - 10 bridal couple photos, 10 group photos,              1000€
documentary photos of the wedding ceremony and celebration,
8 hours in total
If you would like to choose for yourself which bridal couple and group photos I edit for you, then you can get an online selection gallery for an additional €50, where you can select your favorite photos super easily and conveniently. The gallery also gives you the option of selecting additional photos that are not included in the package price. Each additional photo costs €20. Just let me know when booking and I'll create the gallery for you a few days after the wedding.
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