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Fine Art Photography/ Prices

Every photo is a work of art

A fine art photo is not just a beautiful photo, it is a carefully planned work of art. This means that we will first have an appointment where we can talk to each other, either in person or on the phone. We plan each individual photo from the color look, the image composition and the outfits. Everything is 100% individually tailored to you. Feel free to tell me personal stories about your family that you would like to include in the photo. The outfits are provided and financed by me. 
For the photo shoot itself, I bring additional lighting with me so that the lighting is always right and nothing is left to chance. In order to put a photo together into a coherent composition where everything is simply perfect, I often take additional photos of the foreground and background and put everything together coherently using Photoshop. A lot of effort and time goes into a photo, but in the end you get an incomparably beautiful work of art, a priceless, precious memory.
The prices for fine art photo shoots are based on my standard prices. In addition to the standard price, a fee of 50€ per person photographed is charged to cover the cost of the outfit and the additional planning and processing work.



I guarantee that you will not only be satisfied with your personal fine art photos, but will be delighted. If you're not satisfied, let me know and I'll make sure to change that.
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