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About me


My name is Marie Wigand and I have been addicted to photography since 2008. My first digital SLR camera came into the house because I wanted to take nice photos of my Sheltie puppy Ajax. This also explains the name "Ajax Fairies Photography". 
Since then, photography has become an integral part of my life. In 2018, everything became a bit more serious as I first got into the Photoshop editing program. In 2019, I registered a business and since then everyone can come to me and have beautiful photos taken of themselves and their loved ones.
In October 2021, I attended a week-long online workshop by award-winning fine art photographer Cassandra Jones. This was a wonderful experience for me, because I learned a lot more about lighting, outfits, location and of course image editing. Now my photos will be exactly the way I always wanted to. There are intensely planned, unique memories, all of which you want to hang on the wall. I will definitely continue to work in fine art photography.
I would like to give all my clients the opportunity to have wonderfully perfect photos of their loved ones made, which are unique and breathtakingly beautiful.

Therefore, from 2022, a planning meeting will take place before each fine art photo shoot (in person or by phone) in which the shooting will be discussed in detail, as well as each individual photo will be planned in detail. The topics are date, location, clothing and special personal wishes or life stories, which I will gladly include in the photos. In addition, I will provide the outfits, so no one has to search desperately in his wardrobe for suitable outfits, which are ultimately not as well coordinated as they could be. For the perfect photo, everything has to be coordinated, including the clothes for the location and the people.

Let's create masterpieces together! :)

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