Picture editing

You took a photo, which would actually be perfect, if there wasn't this one disturbing detail. Often we delete photos, wich is actually a pity, but they are over -or underexposed, exactly at the wrong moment a bird has flown into the picture, somewhere in the picture there are disturbing elements like a fence post or a lantern, or when you tried to take a group photo somebody has looked into the wrong direction, or did an inappropriate grimacing.
I can quickly fix most of these things and i can also cut group photos together so that everyone looks into the camera.
Just send me your picture file and we'll think together how I can otpimize the photo. You are welcome to view my various offers for image editing, which are listed here.


Particular retouching

-Change of details in the image (removing interference elements, changing exposure/color, straightening, replacing heads/bodies, adding or retouching people)
- Price per work step and effort



Complete retouching

- Perfecting an image according to all possibilities



Would you like to look like a world star in a photo?
Let me edit your photo and highlight your beauty according to all possibilities of Photoshop art.
I delete redness of the skin and let eye rings disappear, fight your double chin, retouch pimples and wrinkles, make the hair more voluminous and lift out your best sides.